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Upon getting information about an upcoming school science fair and the need to consider a topic of interest, many students will typically have no idea where to get started. While the science fair is typically a common occurrence in any school at any grade level, there are different types of topics that should be taken a look at depending on the age of the student. After first taking a look at the many different categories of science projects, you will be able to locate a suitable choice of topic to take to the next level.There is a wide variety of categories that fall under the types of science projects that can be chosen for a school science fair. These include biology, chemistry, physics, microbiology, biochemistry, medicine, environmental, mathematics, engineering, and earth science. While you may not have yet learned very much in any of these categories, don’t be afraid to see what each one entails. Taking a good look at your interests will allow you to focus on the right direction to take.Many resources are also available for those who are unsure as to the topic they are wanting to use to create their science projects. If you take a look at the topics that fall under the biology category, you will likely notice that there are topics that deal with plants, animals, and humans. For those who are in 2nd grade or 3rd grade, an interesting topic may be to determine if ants are picky over what type of food they eat. While this topic might not be of interest to an 8th grader, it is certainly something in the biology category that an elementary school student would enjoy.Along with the biology category, a high school student may want to take a look at diffusion and osmosis in animal cells as this would be a more appropriate topic for the grade level. A student in 6th grade would be more advanced than an elementary school student, but not as advanced as a high school student. At this middle school grade level, a topic of how pH levels effect the lifespan of a tadpole may be of interest.Whichever resource is used to locate a topic for science projects, it is always a good idea to consider the grade level of the student prior to making a selection. It is always assumed to be best to have a project at an appropriate level in order to keep the attention of the student and provide a fun and enjoyable learning experience.

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The Perks of Working With a Digital Marketing Agency

Managing or operating your very own business can be challenging regardless of the knowledge you hold of your products or the services you have to offer. When you are thinking of expanding your business but you are unsure of how to go about doing so, it is possible to get help from marketing experts and services who specialize in expanding companies, especially in the digital realm today.Working With a Marketing AgencyWhen you choose to look into working with a digital marketing agency, you can relax and focus more on delivering and creating the product for your fan base and current consumers, while the marketing aspect of your company or brand is taken care of from the marketing agency. Working together with a marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing strategies allows you to gain access to an untapped online market and demographic that is not currently aware of your website, brand or the business you are running.By working together with a marketing agency to help with expanding digitally, you are more likely to gain revenue from visitors on your website while also potentially generating more of an income from making actual sales of your products and services as well. Marketing agencies can also help you to identify target age groups and the gender that is most interested in your brand to help you with specifically targeting them on upcoming advertising campaigns.Methods of Digital MarketingDigital marketing varies depending on your brand, website or the type of products and services you want to share with those who are in your current target demographic or intended audience. You can use digital marketing to help with reaching a new audience on social networks while also getting involved with blogs and even online advertising. By advertising on similar or even competing websites, you can help to attract new customers that may eventually become loyal followers of your business, helping to boost your brand’s overall credibility as well as your reputation online.With the proper implementation of digital marketing for any brand or business, you can easily reach your customers and audience without traditional advertising and promotional costs. Using digital marketing is also ideal if you currently do not have a following and are just breaking into the business industry, as it is an ideal platform for discovering those who are interested in your products and the services you have to offer.

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Why Telecommunications Deregulation Should Matter to You

Have you ever heard of the term “the triple bottom line”? And, more importantly, how does it relate to telecommunications deregulation? And, even more important, why should you care? Well, much of the technology you use today is the direct result of actions taken over 40 years ago.I’m old enough to remember when you could only rent a telephone from the phone company. When we could buy our own phone and plug it in to the jack on the wall, it gave us a tremendous sense of freedom. That was only the beginning.When I made the decision to retire from managing an accounting firm many years ago, one of the movements that “caught my eye” was corporate social responsibility. At the time, there wasn’t much of it.To be fair, that’s not entirely true. Corporations generally felt “responsible” only towards their shareholders. Making money was the surest way to optimize shareholder value. And, corporate leadership made that their #1 priority.Some things change. Some things stay the same.It would be “Polly Anna” of me to say that corporations are not focused on making money these days. Of course, they are – and they should be. However, there is more thought given to the “big picture” and what those in the field of corporate social responsibility call “the triple bottom line” or TBL.The triple bottom line focuses on 3 major areas for value creation -
Social Impact
Environmental Impact (Local and Global)
When considering the TBL, if making money comes at the expense of stakeholders (employees, vendors, associates) or the environment, there would be no net increase in value realized. Sure, this can be taken to the extreme but you can see plenty of examples of big corporations embracing their social responsibility in advertising. When an energy company spends millions of dollars running ads that talk only about their concern about the environment, it is obvious that things have changed.What does this have to do with telecommunications?Well, one of the drivers of major change (especially when it’s a costly transition) is government regulation. In the early 70′s, telecom began to undergo a dramatic process of deregulation. This didn’t happen without a big push from government – investigations, regulations, lawsuits.And, while it may have been costly for a few in the short-term, it has brought us a flood of technological advances including the development of products and services that would not have made their way to the market if we accepted “business as usual”.So, this is a reminder. Think outside the box. There is plenty of room for “business unusual”.

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